Safe and Long-lasting Results

Non-contact approaches providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

Technology Innovation

Patented surface antimicrobial technology, introducing brand new concept for clean spaces.

Application Innovation

Wide adaptability, covering ranges of surfaces, including plastic, wood, metal, etc.

Eco-friendly Innovation

Non-toxic, no pollution
No corrosion, no smell
No residue, no carcinogens.

About Us

Beijing Sanlin International Trade Co., Ltd. focus on exporting antimicrobial technology and products. We are the exclusive agent of Sanhe Anbatec.

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Ideal Antimicrobial Performance

Signature antimicrobial technology, provides safe and long-lasting antimicrobial performance. Kills over 99.99%germs, viruses and fungi.

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Antimicrobial Rate


Long-term Antimicrobial Rate


Viral Inactivation Rate

<1 Grade

Long-term Anti-mildew Grade

Product Lines

  • Antimicrobial Coating System

    Covering all surfaces around you with antimicrobial micro-level thin coating, including flooring, ceiling, walls, wallpapers, etc.

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  • Air-Filtering Antimicrobial System

    Adding antimicrobial function to almost every part of your A/C system. Simply breath germ-free.

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  • Surface Antimicrobial System

    Providing flexible and convient options to individual households, spray and coat easily onto the smallest objects, like phones, door handles, and keyboards.

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  • Antimicrobial Products

    Increasing hygiene level for concerned areas with our antimicrobial product line.

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Innovative Technology

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Core Technology

Research shown that almost all non-living surfaces contain micro-organisms, especially multidrug-resistant bacteria and virus...

Antimicrobial Performance

Antimicrobial Rate: > 99.99%.
Long-term Antimicrobial Rate:>99.99%
Viral Inactivation Rate:>99.99%
Long-term Anti-mildew Grade: Grade 0

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Fields of Application

Medical Industry
Inter-industrial Workshops
Consumption Goods
Public Industry...